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Seeds of Hope - by Jazzlyn Strickland

Imagine a tall, thin man carrying a large brown tote, labeled with the words, “Seeds” written in Sanskrit slung across his left shoulder. He enters the flea market. “Insight!” he yells. “Freedom, determination, all is yours, just name your price!”

You watch as he opens the bag and begins to fish around for what seems like ages. Slowly, he retracts his hand. Nothing. “What is this?” you think, making your way towards the man. Curiosity tugs at your inability to fully understand. And with that, you investigate. 

“What’s in the bag?” 

“Oh, just some seeds,” the gentleman mumbles.

Like the tall thin man, we at Second Chance strive to give our clients seeds of hope in the form of a vision to the future. For that reason, we implemented a “Vision Board.” Clients can choose a picture(s) from the basket that resonates with who they aspire to be and what they would like to achieve. 

Sometimes, seeing is believing. Often, a “Second Chance” makes all the difference. There are times when all it takes is for just one person to believe in you, planting those seeds of hope and encouragement.

“Vision... stability!” he broadcasts.


On his hand, is a painted picture of an anchor. A sign of unwavering safety in his offer. “Would you like to see?” he inquires. Peering into the bag, a familiar sensation makes the hairs on the back of his neck stand at attention.

The words the tall thin man declared take you back to a time where the world was your oyster. Remembering how big you used to dream. You close your eyes, and like yesterday, you are there. Flickers of green, purple, and blue blanket an auditorium. A voice like the ocean, powerful as crashing waves. But as smooth as honey. All the lights. One star. One wish. One dream. Twirling with eyes reminiscent of what could have been. 

Suddenly the auditorium is black and empty. No more color. No more dreams. You feel your face get hot and tears cloud your vision. 

“Look again,” the man urges. This time you see one small fiery light. “Grab it,” he insists. Straight away you forge both hands into the bag like your life depends on it. The bag is deeper than you had anticipated. “You’re almost there,” he encourages. 

How could a light so bright be so hard to find? At Second Chance, we strive to plant seeds of confidence and hope for our clients and the community around us. Just like the man with the tote, our Resource Specialists help to shine a light of hope in those dark places. 


A dream is a seed.

Vision plants it.

 Imagination nurtures growth.

 Opportunity creates blossoms. 

-  Donna McGoff

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