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Instilling Change: Alumni Loveless Jones

This month we would like to recognize the growth and efforts of one of our alumni from the Second Chance program, Loveless Jones. Loveless has been through the ups and downs of the judicial system. Having spent 25 years in prison, he truly understands and can relate to the struggles our clients face. For that reason, Second Chance has implemented a Peer Support Group that Loveless leads a few days a week.

Loveless volunteers his time with Second Chance because he feels that it is important to reach people who did not have opportunities to learn a better way of life. For him, it is all about balance and for the clients, it is about learning to see a different outcome - visualizing and pursuing personal growth.

The impact the peer support group has on the Second Chance clients is powerful. Loveless is excited and encouraged when seeing their interactions during group sessions. They are enthusiastic about life. He knows that by being a part of something bigger and running the peer support group, he is making a difference and reaching these clients.

For him, the long-term accomplishment has been overcoming barriers and roadblocks. Staying focused and never giving up on yourself are a few of the things he urges the individuals in these groups to understand. Being involved in something real and creating something tangible is what is most important to Loveless.

It is essential to find an encouraging support system when you are trying to make positive lifestyle changes. At Second Chance, that is what the Peer Support Group is all about.

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