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Instilling Change: Elizabeth Williams

Elizabeth Williams with Sisters in Christ has become a staple at Second Chance. From an early age, she has had a passion for mentoring youth. Over the years, this passion grew into her becoming a mentor and support system for young mothers.  Ms. Williams facilitates a parenting class for our clients in the Second Chance program. This class is important to the development of young parents who have not seen positive parenting role models and/or never learned solid parenting skills. She has seen how receptive the Second Chance clients have been. Ms. Williams emphasized that it is all about the atmosphere you create and provide.

Being able to share the knowledge she has gained throughout her life; Ms. Williams has realized that her life experiences have helped her become a more effective mentor to these clients. She voiced that the individuals in these classes can be seen supporting each other using the tools they are learning.

Ultimately, Ms. Williams would like to see the clients take the tools and skills they are learning and pass them along from generation to generation.

Being a part of a vision is being a part of Second Chance.

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