Serving the families of those who protect us.

Our Mission Statement

To provide the comfort of financial support for the surviving spouses and dependents or, in their absence, the parents of sworn law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency services personnel who lose their life in the performance of their duties. The employing agency, at the time of death of said public safety officers, must be headquartered within the geographic boundaries of the SAFE program as defined in the current by-laws.

SAFE currently fulfills its mission by providing an immediate lump sum payment to the nearest surviving family member(s) of full time and volunteer law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency services personnel killed in the line of duty in the stated geographic area. Additional monetary benefits are available for deaths occurring “while on duty” but not “in the line of duty”, as well as benefits for certain “catastrophic injuries”, and family holiday contributions. In fulfilling its mission, SAFE receives and invests funds and endeavors to inform and educate the public on issues related to the sacrifices made by those involved in public safety and their families. This organization is not intended to benefit survivors of federal or state agencies, many of whom receive benefits through other programs.

Ed Wynn/SAFE Memorial Scholarship

When Ed Wynn suddenly passed away in 1997, his family wanted to remember him in a positive and fun way, as well as help others.  His famous saying was “Let’s get together and laugh”.  The Ed Wynn Memorial Scholarship Fund, which to date has awarded over $30,000 in financial assistance, was set up to provide an annual scholarship to individuals who want to pursue a college education.  In 2008 the Ed Wynn Memorial Scholarship Fund became a Lifetime Member of SAFE and became known as the Ed Wynn/SAFE Memorial Scholarship Fund.

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How it Works

Upon the death in the line of duty of a covered individual, representatives of the Board will visit the family within 24 hours and present them with a check for $25,000. There is no application to fill out and no strings attached. Sometime later (this will occur after our fund is fully endowed) the Board will again visit the family and possibly assist with financial matters on a long-term basis depending on the individual family needs. Each situation will be different and therefore long term help may or may not occur.

Membership Classes

SAFE is funded through fully tax-deductible donations/contributions and has four classes of memberships. All members receive 2 window decals and lifetime members receive a commemorative shadow box with the SAFE shield appropriately displayed.

Please help us make SAFE a long and loving benefit for our heroes in the Kansas City Metropolitan area by joining today.


$120 per year


$150 per year


$500 per year


$5,000 one time payment

Our Story

The concept of the 100 Club was born in Detroit in 1952. Following the fatal shooting of a young Detroit officer, a gentleman by the name of William M. Packer, a friend of the Police Commissioner, wrote to 100 of his friends encouraging them to donate to a fund for the fallen officer. The response was 100%. In 2002, members of the Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission paved the way with an idea that we needed a support organization in our area.  With that idea in mind, the planning began. Through the hard work of the Board of Directors and sponsorship by the Crime Commission, the Surviving Spouse And Family Endowment Fund, “SAFE,” was officially announced on October 30, 2003.


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