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Our Mission (Meet the Crime Commission Week 2)

Here at the Crime Commission, the work our programs do ranges from taking anonymous tips about crime to offering service-oriented alternatives to incarceration, supporting the families of fallen first responders, and helping former offenders overcome common re-entry barriers which if not addressed often lead to re-offending. However different these goals may seem, they are all united by the core mission statement which is the heart of the Crime Commission:

"As a nationally recognized nonprofit, we advocate, develop strategies and operate innovative programs that bring people and public safety agencies together to power a safer, better Greater Kansas City community."

This single sentence packs a lot of information, so let’s break it down:

“As a nationally recognized nonprofit”…

The Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission is a 501(c)(3) organization, which means that our funding comes from donors and grants (not your tax dollars!) and is used solely for the purpose of fulfilling our mission. The money raised on behalf of our organization is used to operate our programs and goes right back into our community in the form of services, TIPS payouts, financial support for the children and spouses of fallen first responders, and scholarships, just to name a few.

“…we advocate, develop strategies and operate innovative programs…”

Our crime problem is different than it was 70 years ago when the Crime Commission was first established. As the times change, our approaches to reducing crime must change, too. We aim to advocate on behalf of our community, listen to their needs, and evolve in order to best meet these needs. Using our programs, each of which focuses on a different aspect of crime, we strategically address both the causes and effects of crime by operating evidence-based projects.

"...that bring people and public safety agencies together..."

We may be a relatively small non-profit organization, but we leave a big footprint in our community by working strategically and valuing the community partnerships we enjoy. We rely on the help of our law enforcement agencies and the citizens of Kansas City. There are practical and legal limits to what each of us can do on our own, so this partnership is essential.

Using our Crime Stoppers program as an example, the Crime Commission cannot enforce laws or apprehend criminals, but we can facilitate anonymous communication with the public and get information safely to police. The police can then use the information to solve crimes. Likewise, there are legal protections in place which allow organizations such as ours to ensure the complete anonymity of our tipsters that cannot be done by a government organization. Partnerships with local businesses help us by spreading information, funding rewards, and donating services. Finally, the final and most important component is the people of Kansas City, who make the entire process work. The people hold the information needed to solve crimes, the power to choose to speak up, and the ability to carry our mission throughout every street of KC.

This is just one example of how essential our partnerships with local businesses, law enforcement agencies, and members of our community are to our ability to achieve our goals.

" power a safer, better Greater Kansas City community."

This small phrase encompasses the entire purpose of this organization. Crime is a worldwide problem that no single organization can fix. But by focusing specifically on the crime occurring in our home community and working at a local level, the impact can (and has been) big. Our vision is to see a Kansas City metropolitan area that is an increasingly safer, and altogether better, place for all to work, live and play.

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