Our Programs


Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers

The Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers is a member program of Crime Stoppers USA, and its TIPS Hotline has proven to be a vital crime-fighting instrument in the KC community. TIPS can be submitted via phone, web or an app, and the program partners with Kansas City area schools to prevent crime within student environments.


Metropolitan Community Service Program (MCSP)

MCSP provides case management for both supervised and unsupervised probationary clients who have been ordered to complete community service by the courts.  It is a nonprofit organization funded through supervision fees paid by participating clients, worksite sponsorships, and program contracts.


Second Chance

The Second Chance Program advocates for effective prisoner re-entry, fundraises for local programs, conducts research, assembles task forces and focus groups, and performs other special projects in the community. This coordinating force is dedicated to the vision of helping released offenders make a seamless transition back into the community, receiving the second chance these men and women so desire.


Surviving Spouse And Family Endowment Fund (SAFE)

Since 2003, the Surviving Spouse And Family Endowment Fund (SAFE) has provided immediate financial assistance to the spouses, children and/or dependent parents of those who lose a loved one in the line of duty. Through public support, SAFE is able to provide a $25,000 no-questions-asked donation to loved ones in nine counties on both sides of the state line.



The cycle of crime hurts individuals as well as the community. The Crime Commission and its programs are designed to each combat a point as well as provide a safety net for those that the cycle affects.


Our Story

Law enforcement officers put themselves on the line each and every day to ensure a safe community. But due to limits of time and human resources, gaps remain that leave gray areas and questions.  Enter the Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission.

For 65 years, the Crime Commission has worked behind the scenes to empower and uplift law enforcement efforts in the Greater Kansas City area. They’re a nonprofit that fights for the security of the entire Greater Kansas City area on both sides of the state line, beyond limits based on jurisdiction- all with minimal taxpayer funds.