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December 07, 2016

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Metropolitan Community Service Program

Providing litter removal, neighborhood beautification, and non-profit assistance, while encouraging offenders to become better citizens.


  • Public Service Work Objectives

    MCSP Public Service is focused on conducting illegal dumpsite and city park clean-ups, city and neighborhood beautification projects, graffiti removal projects and vacant lot clean-ups. Community service workers referred to Public Service by MCSP participate in these clean-ups and beautification projects, which would otherwise not be done, at no expense to taxpayers thus saving the city thousands of dollars each month.

  • Community Service Work Objectives


The program is comprised of the KCPD, city departments of Parks and Recreation and Public Works, and The Keep Kansas City Beautiful program. In less than a year the Public Service Program has grown in recognition to where it is now widely known throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area because of its successes. In fact, MCSP has been described as “The best-kept secret in Kansas City.” At no expense to taxpayers, those individuals ordered to complete community service participate in MCSP Public Service clean-up projects throughout the Kansas City area making it a better place to live and work.

The MCSP Public Service Program is an example of the great work that can be accomplished when city and private enterprises combine to attack a problem that plagues our city, that being trash on our highways, in our parks, and in our neighborhoods.


The Metropolitan Community Service Program (MCSP) began operating under the control of the Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission in March of 1994. MCSP is dedicated to supporting metropolitan area non-profit organizations by providing a source of no cost manpower provided by the courts through an alternative sentencing program that offers community service rather than costly and non-productive incarceration.

In 1996 MCSP expanded operations to the public service segment with the start up of citywide clean-up activities. The MCSP Public Service Program is dedicated to assisting area communities and neighborhoods by utilizing the same no cost community service manpower to clean up streets, parks, dumpsites, etc. throughout the Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas City, Kansas and Independence, Missouri areas.

In 1997 MCSP established an every Saturday morning clean-up program with the South Patrol Division of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. The new program utilized police officers dedicated to community policing activities to supervise community service workers who participated in the program by cleaning up city streets, highways, neighborhoods, etc.

In 2000 the program was expanded to all five KCPD Patrol Divisions that included South Patrol, Metro Patrol, Central Patrol, East Patrol and North Patrol. The Shoal Creek Patrol Division is the newest participant in the MCSP Public Service Program and held its first clean-up in Fall 2006.  Jackson County Sherriff's Office in partnership with The Whatsoever Community Center began a clean up in 2012. 

Our Kansas Partnership with Kansas City Kansas Pokice Department began in 2000.  In response to a request by the Johnson County Prosecutors Office a new Partnership began in 2013 with Johnson County Parks.

In conjunction with the support of other city departments, all six KCPD patrol divisions operate every Saturday morning, barring unforseen weather conditions, supervising community clean-up projects that include highways, shopping centers, graffiti removal, dumpsites, etc. On some occassions, individual KCPD Patrol Divisions combine for large-scale clean-up projects in city parks and neighborhoods. In the past few years, MCSP has removed nearly 18,000 discarded tires and more than 1.9 million pounds of litter from city areas.

Successes of the Missouri MCSP Public Service Program brought the expansion and growth to other metropolitan areas. In July of 2000 the MCSP Public Service Program was expanded to the Unified Government of Kansas City, Kansas and in July of 2001 expanded to Independence, Missouri.

MCSP-KCPD Neighborhood Clean-Ups
Sep 21, 2012

In 1996 MCSP began conducting citywide clean-up activities. The MCSP/KCPD Neighborhood Clean-Up Program is dedicated to assisting area communities and neighborhoods by utilizing no cost community service manpower to clean up streets, parks, dumpsites, etc. throughout the Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas City, Kansas and Independence, Missouri areas.

The MCSP/KCPD Neighborhood Clean-Up Program is comprised of MCSP, the KCPD, city departments of Parks and Recreation and The Keep Kansas City Beautiful program. Last year alone, the program collected 476,039 pounds and 3,397 discarded tires, with a city savings of $374,998. Since 1996, the program has collected nearly 3.1 million pounds of litter.

Do you know an area that needs cleaned? MCSP is always accepting information on areas in need of cleaning. To ensure it is suitable for the MCSP/KCPD Clean-Up Program, the area must meet certain criteria. For criteria qualificaitons of clean-up locations, view our Clean-Up Information Form. If an area meets the criteria, contact Sarah Battles at 816-960-6809, ext. 250 with location details.

Has MCSP cleaned an area you stated needed cleaning? If so, please fill out our Performance Survey. In completing the survey, you will better assist MCSP in making sure we are doing the very best to assist all neighborhood requests.

If you are in need of assistance with our clean-up program or have questions regarding a clean-up, please contact Sarah Battles at 816.960.6809, ext. 250.

MCSP Worksites
Sep 21, 2012

MCSP utilizes select non-profit organizations, called worksites, to fulfill court ordered community service hours. Each worksite receives court ordered community service workers on an ongoing basis. By utilizing the cost-free labor provided by community service workers, non-profit organizations reduce expenses and are allowed to provide additional assistance to Kansas City metropolitan communities as a result of that savings.

MCSP is very grateful to its worksites and works to maintain a lasting relationship with each. Each year MCSP holds a Worksite Appreciation Luncheon as a way of showing appreciation for the assistance worksites provide to the program.

The following is a list of some of the worksites benefiting from MCSP community service:

  • Adopt Downtown KCK (Wyandotte Services & Works)
  • Adopt Prospect
  • Adopt Truman Road
  • Christ Church of Second Chances
  • City of Blue Springs
  • City of North Kansas City
  • City of Oakview
  • Community Assistance Council
  • Cross-Lines
  • Fairmount Community Center
  • Harvesters
  • Independence Public Works
  • James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area
  • Johnson County Kansas Parks
  • KCMO Police Departments & Neighborhoods
  • Kansas City, KS Police Departments & Neighborhoods
  • KCMO Community Centers
  • KCMO Parks Districts
  • KC Masonic Temple
  • Kansas City Parks & Recreation Department (Districts 1,2,3)
  • Kansas City, KS Clean-Up Program
  • Kansas City, MO Clean-Up Program
  • Lee's Summit Landfill
  • Lee's Summit Social Services
  • Mercy Oakwood Gardens
  • Metropolitan Housing Development Corp.
  • Metropolitan Lutheran Ministries
  • Mohart
  • My Father's House
  • New Reflections
  • ReStart
  • Unity Church of Overland Park
  • Vietnam Veterans
  • Wayside Waifs

Worksite Qualifications

What qualifications are necessary to become an MCSP Worksite? View our Qualifications Form to see if your non-profit organization qualifies for acceptance of MCSP workers. Upon approval, a worksite is also required to sign a Letter of Agreement. If your non-profit organization fits the qualifications, fill out a Worksite Application and send it to MCSP. To become an MCSP worksite, your organization must be available to receive community service workers on an ongoing basis. Contact Sarah Battles at 816.960.6809, ext. 250 for more information.  All applications should be faxed to 816.960.6808.

If you are interested in utilizing MCSP community service workers on a temporary basis, please contact Sarah Battles at 816.960.6809, ext. 250.

Worksite Application

If your non-profit organization meets the above detailed worksite qualifications, fill out a Worksite Application and fax it to us at 816-960-6808 or mail it to:

            3100 Broadway, Suite 226
            Kansas City, MO 64111

Worksite Applications are taken to an MCSP Staff Meeting, discussed and voted on for approval. The acceptance of an applicant is based on hours of availablilty, the number of workers an applicant can accept and the need for a worksite in the geographical area of the applicant.

Worksite Testimonials

Here is what people are saying about MCSP...

"The Central Industrial District has undergone a serious facelift thanks to the efforts of the KCPD and MCSP. We get a chance to talk with people who are doing community service as we work with them on projects. We appreciate their efforts and thank them, and many of them take pride in the work they do for the community. MCSP benefits everyone involved at a number of different levels, as people learn to appreciate each other and our Kansas City neighborhoods." -- Tom Roberts, West Bottoms CID, January 14, 2011

"Our Community Policing officer, Kevin Terry of KCKPD, arranged for an MCSP group to clean out a trashy lot and side streets in our neighborhood. The work would have taken us weeks to complete, but they took care of it within hours. Thank you for organizing this program. It is really turns something negative into something positive!" -- Shay Lewis, Step Up Neighborhood Association President, February 12, 2007

"We had a neighborhood clean-up with dumpsters for leaves and brush. We were very fortunate to have persons participating in MCSP in our neighborhood to address these overgrown areas. We were very pleased with the results of the services we received under this program. Persons participating worked hard and gave 100%. Officers and this program are to be commended for their efforts." -- Patricia Estes, Old Maple Park Neighborhood Clean-Up Chairman, October 20, 2006

"When I was a young neighborhood leader, I supervised community service workers in clean up efforts and I am so happy that they are helping me now." -- Suevonia Stewart on the NCSD Dangerous Buildings Paint Program where MCSP workers painted her home on September 23, 2006. She was so grateful for the help, she fried fish for MCSP participants.

If you are a current MCSP worksite or have benefited directly from MCSP, and would like to provide a testimonial, contact Sarah Battles, MCSP Worksite Coordinator.

MCSP Client Information
Sep 21, 2012

Are you an MCSP client? Here you can find information on how to get started on serving your community service hours.

In order to serve community service hours through MCSP, you should be court ordered or referred.  If referred to another program, MCSP cannot monitor your hours.  If you are an out of area defendant, MCSP can monitor your community service.  You will need your court information when scheduling an intake session.

To begin serving court ordered community service hours through MCSP, you must make an appointment to meet with an MCSP representative. To make an appointment, you must contact MCSP at 816.960.6809. Phones are answered Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. If someone is not available to take your call, you may leave a message and it will be returned as soon as possible.

You must meet with an MCSP representative before beginning your community service hours. Community service hours performed prior to meeting with MCSP will not be credited to your case. Upon meeting with an MCSP representative, you will be assigned a worksite where your community service hours will be performed. Hours performed anywhere other than your assigned worksite will not be credited to your case.

A program fee is charged for each case that is court ordered to MCSP and varies by the number of ordered community service hours. As long as community service hours are completed in accordance with MCSP policy, no additional fee will be charged. You will be informed of the program fee amount upon scheduling your appoitment. All payments must be exact cash or money order and debit or credit are accepted with an additional processing fee. We apologize for the inconvenience of applying the program fee; however, it is necessary to keep the program operational, as MCSP is a non-profit organization.

Things to bring to your appointment:

  • Court Order showing your court date, the court case number (i.e. ticket number), the number of community service hours ordered, the date the community service is ordered for completion (if applicable) and the location ordered for completion (if applicable).
  • Name and contact information for your probation officer, if ordered.
  • Medical documentation for any mental or physical condition that may affect you performing your community service hours.
  • Payment must be exact cash or money order and debit or credit are accepted with an additional processing fee.

Stipulations vary by court and case, so please remember to bring your court order with you to your appointment. If you do not have your court order, please aquire a copy from the court prior to your appointment. Further details of your court ordered community service will be discussed during your appointment.

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