Connect Your Business

Without your support, our programs would not exist and metropolitan areas would be very different for our families.

We recognize that your community involvement is vast yet selective and we assure you that your involvement has a positive, direct impact on the Greater Kansas City area. We have two main ways for businesses to get involved.

Second Chance

Second Chance gladly welcomes partnerships with community members and companies who are interested in working with our clients. Our trained staff of Workforce Development Specialists and Offender Employment Retention Specialists are trained to guide both the individual and prospective employer towards a productive and mutually beneficial working environment. Additionally, the Second Chance Housing Program provides every client with Tenants Rights and Responsibilities information to foster a positive tenant/landlord relationship.

Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved.

Second Chance
3100 Broadway, Suite 302
Kansas City, Missouri 64111

Office hours: Monday–Friday  8:30 am–4:30 pm

Phone: 816-231-0450

MCSP Worksite

The Metropolitan Community Service Program (MCSP) utilizes select nonprofit organizations which are referred to as worksites to fulfill court-ordered community service hours.  The cost-free labor provided by community service workers to nonprofit organizations reduces expenses while also allowing them to provide additional assistance to Kansas City metropolitan communities.

Interested in Becoming an MCSP Worksite?

The acceptance of an applicant worksite is typically based on hours of availability, the number of workers an applicant can accept, and the need for a worksite in the applicant’s geographical area.

To see if your nonprofit organization qualifies for acceptance of MCSP workers, contact MCSP at 816-960-6809.

MCSP Worksite Application